Changing a logo to have a transparent background

If you have a logo that has a white background or similar then it makes it really hard to match colors in PowerPoint or on a web page.
If the file is a png file, you can open a new PowerPoint presentation, insert the picture and then from the Format – Color menu option you can ‘Set Transparent Color’ and use it just like the Fill option in Paint.
Save your picture and then quit out of PowerPoint.

Email Disclamier

Unfortunately configuring an email disclaimer to be automatically added by the server to the footer of all emails is not possible with the Small Business Premium edition of Office 365. Certainly possible and easily configured with the Enterprise editions of Office 365 but not with the small business edition.

Work around is to configure your Outlook signature block. How do you get everyone in your organisation to use the same text?  Copy the text as html, save it in a shared location and then manually configure. Not pretty but effective.